Mrs. Owings' Top Ten!! 
    10.  This is my 32nd year teaching.  I have taught at Churchville, Wrightstown, and Newtown Elementary Schools.
    9.  I grew up in Churchville and I am a Council Rock graduate.  Don't ask what year! 
    8.  I love chocolate!  I must eat some everyday! 
    7.  I like to play golf with my husband and friends. 
    6.  I play Fantasy Football, but have not won yet: (Maybe this will be my lucky year! 
    5.  I love to travel! 
    4.  We have 2 adorable cats named Archie and Kevin.  However, Kevin can be a bit of a troublemaker!
    3.  I have been married to my husband, Dave, for 25 years.  We live in Doylestown, PA which is about 25 minutes from Newtown.  
    2.  My favorite subject to teach is Science because it is fun doing hands-on activities and experiments.
    1.  I love teaching 5th grade!!