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    Hello Fourth Grade Families!


    One important factor of a successful classroom is safety. We take pride in making sure all students feel safe, loved, and appreciated each day at school. Building a classroom environment where our students feel supported and proud is crucial. We will be spending a lot of time getting to know each other and building new relationships. In order to do that, we ask that you take a moment to share a few things about your pride and joy! The information that you share will help us do all we can to encourage, support, and teach your child. We appreciate it very much. 

    **Don't forget to let Ms. Quinn or Mrs. Mangan know if you prefer a specific email for weekly communication! 


    Please include things that are important for us to know such as:


    -Does your child have a nickname? 

    -Who does your child live with? Do they have any siblings? Do they live in more than one home? **Please provide the names and ages of additional siblings/step/half-siblings. 

    -Does your child have any fears that could potentially impact their learning?

    -How does your child typically feel about going to school?

    -What is your child's favorite/least favorite subject in school?

    -What are your child's interests and strengths? 

    -Does your child participate in after-school activities? 

    -When and where does your child complete homework? How do they/you feel about homework? 

    -What goals do you have for your child this year (social/academic)?

    -What motivates your child? 

    -How can I help your child succeed this year? 

    Please tell me, in one million words or less, if there is anything else I should know about your child. Feel free to brag!! 


    **Please either send your letter to school with your child on the first day of school or via email to aquinn@crsd.org or kmangan@crsd.org. We look forward to working together. Thank you very much for sharing your child with us!



    Ms. Quinn  (Aquinn@crsd.org)
    Mrs. Mangan (kmangan@crsd.org)