Kindergarten Curriculum
             The instructional day is broken into small learning modules. The children will work in whole group activities, at centers with small groups and at times individually with the teacher.  We learn about letters and their sounds through Kidwriting and Guided Reading.

          The homework follows the themes throughout the year. We send homework on Monday to be completed by Friday, and it should only take the child 5-10 minutes to complete.  A main objective for giving homework is to help build responsibility.

          Each child is asked to carry a large schoolbag for papers, library books and folders. We ask that the parents to check the schoolbag and folders everyday for important correspondence.  Students will make "book boxes" to keep their reading supplies, and will have opportunities to take these books home to share with their family

          Your child's strengths and needs are discussed at length during our November conference. No report card is issued during the first marking period.  The children will receive report cards for the second, third, and fourth marking periods.

          Throughout the Year – We will work with quality literature daily.  Children will build phonetic skills through our Afternoon Message each day.  Science, Social Studies, and Health are addressed through our Houghton Mifflin themes.