• September, 2016

    Physical Fitness Testing

    Dear Council Rock Parents & Guardians,

    This letter is to inform you that the Council Rock School District has adopted the most current practices in fitness testing in the Physical Education community by moving to the Fitnessgram program. Highlighted below are some of the changes that you will notice during your child’s fitness testing experience from elementary school through high school.


    Presidential Youth Physical Fitness

    Student’s scores are assessed by “Healthy Fitness Zone” (HFZ); these figures are research based scores linked to risk for diseases later in life

    Student’s scores are used to determine Presidential & National Awards based on percentiles

    Measures personal fitness

    Compares fitness levels to other students

    Focus is on health-related fitness
    *Can be altered with individual work

    Focus is on skill-related fitness
    *These are considered genetically inherited qualities

    Aligns with the National Physical Education standards


    The chart below lists the recommended tests, however alternate tests may be administered.

    Fitness Component

    Recommended Test

    Test Rationale

    Aerobic capacity

    PACER (progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance run)

    Helps students learn pacing

    Body composition

    Skinfold measurements


    High levels of body fatness are associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease, stroke & diabetes.
    *Note: Health screenings are performed by the health suite

    Abdominal strength & endurance

    Curl up


    Safer alternative for back & hip flexors, as well as maximizing abdominal strength.

    Trunk extensor strength & flexibility

    Trunk lift

    Added test due to the relationship to lower back health, especially proper vertebral alignment.

    Upper body strength & endurance

    90 degree push up


    Important for daily living, maintaining functional health and promoting good posture.


    Back saver sit & reach


    The left & right legs are tested separately to determine any asymmetry in hamstring flexibility & hyperextension of both knees is avoided.

    If you have any questions about the information please let me know.


    Liz Potash
    Health & Physical Education District Curriculum Coordinator