• MATH-

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         Students will be given quizzes/chapter tests, a study guide will be sent home the night before a unit test

         Homework will be in a workbook


    • Social Studies-exploring our community, citizenship, government, changes over time, and economics.  Quizzes, tests, CR district tests and homework will be included


    • Science- Engineering/Bridges, Motion and Matter, Plants and their growth- quizzes and tests will be given and some homework will be included, also the possibility of small projects.  Grades are based on in class work, participation, and tests.


    • Journeys reading program- a weekly letter will be posted with each week's focus,  There will be spelling tests and reading selection tests as well as data from Reading Inventory and RAZ kids reading program. 



    • Writing will include narratives, how to, poems, descriptive writing, letters, and a writer's notebook.  Writing will be graded according to CR 3rd grade writing rubric and by classroom writing conferences and observations.   Research is also included.