• English 10 

    Course Overview

    Mrs. Naroff - Room 205


    Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” 

    ~ Kofi Annan

    Welcome to English 10!  The objective of this full year course is to develop critical thinking skills.  In order to do this, we will examine various pieces of literature, read non-fiction articles, expand our vocabulary, refine our grammar skills, and learn to better communicate ideas through writing and speaking.  Since this is a Keystone year, in the spring you will have the opportunity to demonstrate the progress you have made.


    Daily Expectations Expectations center on the establishment of an atmosphere of mutual respect.  We are ALL responsible for this.

    1. Attitude- Come with an open mind. Be prepared to discuss your thoughts on the day’s lesson. 

    2. Attendance- Your regular attendance habits will be an integral part of your success in this class. A portion of almost all assignments will be completed using class time. If you are here, you will limit the amount of homework you have and maximize the resources at your disposal (technology, classmates, teacher, library, etc.). Be on time to class every day.   

    3. Materials - Each student must have the following items every single day: all class texts (including your vocabulary book), a one inch three ring binder with 5 (five) dividers, any handouts, and a pen or pencil.  Student will want to obtain notecards for vocabulary work and highlighters for help with active reading.  Also, please obtain a marble comporition book for daily writing; this notebook will remain in class.  All supplies should be in class by 9/9.


    Assessments - Assessments will vary and will include credit for daily class participation, warm-up activities and class discussion.  Quizzes and tests will be given on reading assignments, grammar and vocabulary. There will be writing assignments of various lengths, including the required I-Search paper.  All assignments are expected to be completed by the due date. There is a final exam for this class, but NO midterm!


    Grading -

    MP1 and 2: 25% Vocabulary assignments and tests

                        75%  Written work, tests, quizzes, presentations, participation and   homework, based on total point values. 

    MP3:           25% Vocabulary assignments and tests

                       50% Written work, tests, quizzes, presentations, participation and   homework, based on total point values.

                       25% I-Search paper - process points and final grade points 

    MP4:          25% Vocabulary assignments and tests

                       50% Written work, tests, quizzes, presentations, participation and   homework, based on total point values.

                       25% Final exam


    Vocabulary  - Completion of Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary program level E

           15 individual units of 20 words each

           Cumulative tests for units 1-3,1-6,1-9, and 1-12.

           Cost: $12.00 to CRHS South Activities – English


    Grammar  - Skills focused on improving style and clarity in the written and spoken word.

         MP1:  Parts of Speech; Sentence Structure

         MP2:  Phrases; Clauses

         MP3:  Subject/Verb Agreement; Pronoun Usage

         MP4:  Capitalization; Easily Confused Words; Punctuation

    Literature -   I recommend students purchase copies of the following texts whenever possible. Note-making and reaction writing in books allows readers to interact directly with a text and is proven to enhance overall comprehension and critical reading skills. All other titles will be copied and supplied to students for note making.

         1.  Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury

         2.  The Merchant of Venice - William Shakespeare (No Fear Shakespeare Recommended)

         3.  Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger 


    • Various Short Stories
    • All My Sons, Arthur Miller 


    • Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
    • Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare

    The Merchant of Venice – Rated R – Permission Slip to be distributed prior to viewing.


    • Catcher In The Rye - J.D.Salinger


    • Limited self-selected literature groups 


    Clinic - Clinic is every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you need to stay on Monday or Wednesday, check to see if I am available, and we can arrange for clinic those days as well.

    Council Rock School District strongly encourages parents to survey the outstanding collection of challenging literature contained within our program. Much of the content presents important and complex ideas that encourage critical thinking. Any connection discussed in class is made that much stronger by the conversation and connections that are made at home. We invite you to discuss any of the elements of our courses with your child’s teacher.