• Music notes

    General Music

    Mrs. Vaughan


    In General Music we explore the world of music by listening, analyzing, reading and performing music.   The goal of this class is to offer opportunities for music literacy and performance for all levels of emerging musicians.  This is a required course, but I will do my best to make it a positive experience for everyone. 

    I hope you enjoy coming to class.  In an effort to create a positive learning environment for all, I ask that you follow these important guidelines:


    1.      Follow all school rules.

    2.      Respect others and selves.

    3.     Be kind.

    4.      Listen.

    5.     Participate fully.

    6.      Try your best.

    7.     Stay organized.

    8.      Be on time.

    9.      Be your best.

    10.  Have fun!


    In order to have a safe and positive classroom for all students, the student guidelines should be followed.  When a student chooses not to follow the guidelines, the teacher is responsible to take corrective measures as follows:

    FIRST INCIDENT:  Warning.

    SECOND INCIDENT:  Deduction from participation points.

    ADDITIONAL INCIDENTS:  Point deductions, detention, phone call home.

    EXCESSIVE INCIDENTS:  Administrative referral.

    FAILURE TO SHOW FOR DETENTION:  Failure to show for a detention will result in administrative referral, which will result in 3 administrative detentions.

    SEVERE INCIDENTS:  Learning cannot occur when disruptive behavior occurs.  Students will be sent to the hall and/or office for the following offenses:  cursing, bullying, violence, excessive disruption, and disrespectful speech/actions.

    DESTRUCTIVE INCIDENTS:  Students are responsible for the instruments they use.  If a classroom item breaks due to irresponsible usage, the student will pay for the replacement or repair of the item.  Students who treat classroom instruments inappropriately will not be allowed to use classroom instruments.