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    • 20 minutes per night per District Policy for 2nd Grade
      • If it is taking longer than 30 minutes please write a note on the homework stating length of time spent
      • If it is taking longer than 30 minutes due to poor understanding or is causing parent/student conflict, please make a notation on the homework, including time spent and difficulty
    • Parents should encourage students, and provide guidance and/or assistance if asked
    • Please do not correct student's homework so that we are able to see where we need to re-teach or clarify
    • Parents should initial homework book upon student completion of the assignments
    • If a homework assignment is not completed (first and second time) and the student informs the teacher prior to the start of school, the assignment may be completed during morning work time. Otherwise the student will have the opportunity to complete it that night in addition to the assigned homework for that night, and hand it in the next day.
    • After 3 missed homeworks, the student will be required to complete the assignment at recess and the parent will be contacted.
Last Modified on September 18, 2016