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    Our list of famous authors and illustrators just keeps growing and growing year after year and our author wall is bursting at the seams.
     Jon Agee
    September 12, 2016
    Grades 4-5-6
    This year started off with one of my favorite author/illustrator --
     Mr.Jon Agee.
    Jon came back to Newtown (2002 last time here) to make us laugh and be happy as we start our new year in school.
    Jon is the master of word play like palindromes, oxymorons, and anagrams. " Jon Agee, the author-illustrator-playwright-librettist-palindromist, grew up in Nyack, along the Hudson River in New York state, surrounded by very creative people ". As a kid, he created picture books, detective comics, and flip books made out of train ticket stubs. Went to Cooper  Union in New York City, where he studied painting, dabbled in animation, and made an "art" film. Soon after graduating, in 1981, he began getting his first books published. His books feature canine professors, forgotten astronauts, guffawing grumps, and are at times quirky, nonsensical, satiric, and always humorous. Their sophisticated wit appeals to kids and adults alike.  Somewhere along the line, Jon became obsessed with creating words and phrases that read the same backwards and forwards. The result was his first book of palindromes, Go Hang A Salami! I'm A Lasagna Hog! Then came its companion volume, So Many Dynamos! and the rest is history.
    Brand new !!! Hot off the presses!!!!  Lion Lessons is a delightful story about a little boy taking, whatelse,  Lion Lessons. So much fun, such a wonderful gentleman, and what a talent.
     Jon Agee
    Shane Evans
    October 20, 2016
    Grades 1-2-3 
     Oh My!!! Oh My!!!
    We just heard from Mr. Shane Evans and great news he will be making a visit to the area and guess who he is coming to see ??
    Our grades 1 and 2 and 3..Yipppeeee!!!!!
    Thanks to our wonderful and determined Mrs. Popescu who made the contact and never gave up to have this excellent and talented author and illustrator come to Newtown to share with our children his books and art. 
    A multi-talented artist and designer, Mr. Evans has also worked as an illustrator, graphic designer and web designer for a diverse group of clients, including Nike, the FDA, the Kansas City Jazz Museum and Kansas City International Jazz Festival.
    Shane studied at Syracuse University, graduated in 1993 and traveled the world. His work is influenced by his travels to Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S. 
    Firmly believing in education and creative development for all people. Evans  has produced a unique presentation designed to share his gifts with all ages, cultures, ethnic groups and backgrounds. His presentations combine storytelling, art projects and slide presentations from his own work and world travels.
    Nice newspaper coverage from THE PATCH 10/24/2016
     Shane Evans
    Janet Wong
    March 15, 2017
    Grades 1-2-3-4
    Coming on March 15, 2017 is the poetic and wonderful and so, so smart,
    Janet Wong.
     JUST TRY.
    "That's the message I share with children, librarians, and aspiring authors all over the world.
    Do you have an idea? Write it down. Don't worry about making it "good" -- Just TRY.
    The key is getting started.
    Getting those big wheels in your brain to move.
    If you sputter, if you stall, no problem. Wait a little while and start it up again.
    Someone needs to write the poems of the 21st century.
    Someone needs to write our stories, our books, our movies, our slogans, our songs."
     Janet was born in Los Angeles, CA, the daughter of a Chinese -immigrant father and a Korean - immigrant mother. Before becoming a writer, Janet explored other fields.  After coming back from France her junior year, she founded the UCLA Immigrant Children's Art Project, a program focusing on teaching refugee children to express themselves through art. After graduating from UCLA, Janet attended Yale Law School and went to practice corporate and labor law for a few years and then made a dramatic career change-choosing to write for young people instead.
    Janet's poems and stories have been featured in many text books and anthologies. She has also received numerous awards and honors, such as the International Reading Association's "Celebrate Literacy Award" for exemplary service in the  promotion of literacy. Janet also served two term on the Commission on Literature of the National Council of Teachers of English.
    JUST TRY!!!
    That's the message she shares with children, teachers, librarians, and aspiring authors all over the world. Do you have an idea? WRITE IT DOWN. Don't worry about making it "good" -just TRY. The key is getting started. Getting those big wheels in your brain to move. If you sputter, if you stall, no problem. Wait a little while and start it up again. Someone needs to write the poems of the 21st century. Someone needs to write our stories, our books, our movies, our slogans and our songs.
    What a great opportunity for your children to meet, listen and learn from this very talented master of words. She was wonderful and had our children so interested in her suitcase that was filled with her memories that became poems and books. A DELIGHT!! 
    A special "Thank You" to Janet for arranging her schedule to visit us on Thursday rather than Wednesday due to our snow storm.  
     Janet Wong
    William Joyce
    April 26, 2017
    Grade 3 and guests
    OH  MY ......
    OH  MY ......
    OH MY .......
    You will not believe who is coming to Newtown Elementary Library on WEDNESDAY---APRIL 26th ???????
    May I present MR. WILLIAM JOYCE!
    What an honor to host this very famous author and illustrator. A big thank you to Booktenders Book Store in Doylestown who arranged for our school to be part of Mr. Joyce's tour in the Bucks County area. 
     " I was a weird kid. Most of the time I pretended I was from another planet and had super powers. This presented some problems at school. Math? Look out.  Geography? uh-oh. Spelling? Yikes. But art class, the library, and recess, that's where the action was for me. I was crazy for stories and pictures and made-up things.
       A smart librarian led me to a book called Where The Wild Things Are. I guess she knew a wild thing when she saw one. That's when I decided to be a writer. I acted up less and drew more. I learned to spell (sort of) so I could write stories. 
       I had a lot of help. My family and teachers encouraged me and exposed me to all kinds of art along  movies, books, plays, T.V., paintings, music, and photography.
        I don't pretend to be from another planet anymore----but I get to make up characters. It's my job. " WJ
    "Oscar-winning filmmaker William Joyce sees his outrageously creative visions clearly as a book first. Drawing on experiences with his eclectic family and everything from King Kong to King Arthur, he creates stories within worlds that are a perfect blend of innocence and sophistication, with collaborative apps and film mediums then created as an extension of the original story.
    William Joyce is unparalleled at depicting worlds full of whimsy, fun, and adventure that translate from book to big screen. A DAY with WILBUR ROBINSON, ROLIE POLIE OLIE, THE FANTASTIC FLYING BOOKS of MR. MORRIS LESSMORE, GEORGE SHRINKS, and THE LEAF MEN and the BRAVE GOOD BUGS have also become animated adventures.
    He continues his visionary journey at MOONBOT studios, tapping into the innermost child. "It's an amazing time for storytelling....We want to bridge the gap between what books are and whatever venues new technology provides to tell a story and create a different experience."
    William lives in Shreveport , Louisiana. 

    William Joyce