• SchoolWires – Student Access

    • Each student’s username is his/her student ID
    • Each student’s  password is their ID number with the words ChangeMe (no spaces) immediately after their id:
      e.g. 12345ChangeMe
    • After successfully logging in, students may change their password, but should definitely change their e-mail address to their personal one so that they may retrieve their password if they forget it
    • To update a student's SchoolWires (website) password and/or e-mail address,
      1. The student should click on My Account after logging in
      2. Click on Edit Account Settings
      3. Change their Email Address under information
      4. Click Save Changes
      5. Change their password under Change Password
      6. Click on the Change Password button at the bottom
    • In the future, if a student forgets his/her password, they should click on Forgot My Password, enter their student ID number in the User Name box, and then click on Send Password.