The Board of School Directors, in accordance with PA law and Board policy, completed the annual performance evaluation process for areas of responsibility that fall within the purview of the Superintendent. It was determined that all identified Objective Performance Standards for the 2018-19 school year were met or exceeded.
  • Superintendent’s 2019-20 Objective Performance Standards 

    Deliverable One: By June 2020, create a long-term fiscal plan relative to instructional technology to assist short and long-term budgetary planning. To include: 

    • Replacement cycle for student Chromebooks and annual related expenditures 
    • Replacement cycle for classroom projectors and projection boards and annual related expenditures
    • Replacement cycle for teacher laptops/classroom desktops and annual related expenditures 
    • Replacement cycle for office computers and annual related expenditures 
    • Consideration of new and emerging software and technologies 

    Deliverable Two: Throughout the school year, provide enhanced leadership for implementation of the new K-5 Bridges mathematics program. To include: 

    • Assess and be responsive to needs at the classroom and systems levels 
    • Regularly report findings and corresponding actions to the Board 

    Deliverable Three: By June 2020, conduct a thorough review and revision of the District’s teacher hiring process to reflect both proven and innovative practices and alignment with student success indicators. To include: 

    • Recruitment processes and practices 
    • Prescreening process (format and criteria) 
    • Screening interviews (format and refreshed interview questions) 
    • School-level interview process (format, process, and refreshed interview questions) 

    Deliverable Four: By June 2020, prepare the District for potential future extended school closures. To include: 

    • Create an emergency extended closure plan that addresses business-continuity and remote working protocols 
    • Lead the creation of a distance learning program that addresses the needs of all students 

    Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Performance Standards