The Board of School Directors completed the annual performance evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools and Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. It was determined by the Board that both met the Objective Performance Standards established for the 2017-18 school year.
  • Superintendent’s 2018-19 Objective Performance Standards 

    • Deliverable 1:  Redistricting Plan to include at minimum…
      • Map & feeder patterns
      • Implementation plan
      • Due Date: On or before January 17, 2019
    • Deliverable 2:  Comprehensive, Multi-Year Strategic Plan for District Security
      • Due Date: June 20, 2019, although some initiatives may be implemented earlier; staged to deliver various elements through the year
    • Deliverable 3:  Comprehensive, Strategic Plan for District Performance & Development to include at a minimum…
      • Academic baseline metrics, goals & action plans
      • Extra Curricular program goals & action plans
      • Social Emotional Learning goals & action plans
      • Due Date:  July 18, 2019 for implementation 2019-20 school year, staged to deliver various elements through the year


    Assistant Superintendent’s 2018-19 Objective Performance Standards 

    Professional Learning Communities: Lead comprehensive work to implement professional learning communities across the district through full-scale implementation of teams engaging in the collaborative cycle on a regular basis and the development of an intervention plan in each building.

    STEM/STEAM Integration and Access: Lead the STEM committee to increase access and opportunities in STEM/STEAM for all students based on level-specific targets to increase teacher leadership and curriculum development.

    Assessment: Lead a thorough evaluation of district assessments and develop a comprehensive district assessment plan designed to inform teaching and learning at varying levels from programmatic to classroom and individual students.