The Board of School Directors, in accordance with PA law and Board policy, completed the annual performance evaluation process for areas of responsibility that fall within the purview of the Superintendent. It was determined that all identified Objective Performance Standards for the 2018-19 school year were met or exceeded.
  • Superintendent’s SY20-21 Objective Performance Standards:

    Deliverable One: Develop a plan that guides the District through reopening schools in the fall and through evolving COVID-19 conditions throughout the school year, while prioritizing student/staff health and continuity of education for students. To include:

    • Health and Safety Plan that outlines mitigation steps that will be implemented in order to keep students and staff as safe as possible, while permitting school to otherwise resume as close to normal as possible
    • A cyber learning option for students who do not return for in-person instruction
    • Steps to prepare for school closure at a moment’s notice, and an accompanying business continuity plan

    Deliverable Two: Promote an inclusive learning environment for all District students. To include:

    • Establish a CRSD DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Team inclusive of all District schools
    • Hold focus groups with current students, including students from underrepresented groups, on their experience in our schools and in our community
    • Hold focus groups with recent graduates on preparedness for their next phase of life
    • Identify an external consultant to conduct a diversity-focused curricular audit and/or an equity audit

    Deliverable Three: Develop contingency plans for potential significant revenue reductions. To include:

    • Identify opportunities to more efficiently operate existing programs
    • Identify opportunities to more efficiently provide existing services
    • Identify potential long-term, sustainable revenue sources

    Deliverable Four: Conduct a thorough review of the K-12 Gifted Education program, and provide the Board with a summary of findings and/or recommendations. To include:

    • Design and delivery of gifted students’ programming relative to their identified and assessed needs
    • Potential opportunities to address student needs outside of the social studies arena
    • Protocol for regular education teachers to become aware of gifted students’ present levels of educational performance and what specifically characterizes each student’s giftedness

    Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Performance Standards