The Board of School Directors, in accordance with PA law and Board policy, completed the annual performance evaluation process for areas of responsibility that fall within the purview of the Superintendent. It was determined that all identified Objective Performance Standards for the 2018-19 school year were met or exceeded.
  • Superintendent’s 2019-20 Objective Performance Standards

    Deliverable One: By November 2019, create a long-term fiscal plan relative to instructional technology to assist short and long-term budgetary planning. To include:

    • Replacement cycle for student Chromebooks and annual related expenditures
    • Replacement cycle for classroom projectors and projection boards and annual related expenditures
    • Replacement cycle for teacher laptops/classroom desktops and annual related expenditures
    • Replacement cycle for office computers and annual related expenditures
    • Consideration of new and emerging software and technologies

    Deliverable Two: By November 2019, conduct a thorough review of the middle-level mathematics program, and provide the Board with a summary of findings and/or recommendations. To include:

    • Alignment of instructional programming with state standards
    • Degree of rigor provided at each grade level relative to student readiness and capabilities
    • Criteria utilized to make student placement decisions for middle school math courses

    Deliverable Three: By February 2020, conduct a thorough review and revision of the District’s teacher hiring process to reflect both proven and innovative practices and alignment with student success indicators. To include:

    • Recruitment processes and practices
    • Prescreening process (format and criteria)
    • Screening interviews (format and refreshed interview questions)
    • School-level interview process (format, process, and refreshed interview questions)

    Deliverable Four: By March 2020, conduct a thorough review of the K-12 Gifted Education program, and provide the Board with a summary of findings and/or recommendations. To include:

    • Design and delivery of gifted students’ programming relative to their identified and assessed needs, including potential external resources (e.g., colleges and universities, online opportunities)
    • Potential opportunities to address student needs outside of the social studies arena (e.g., literacy, mathematics)
    • Protocol for regular education teachers to be knowledgeable of gifted students’ present levels of educational performance and what specifically characterizes each student’s giftedness 


    Assistant Superintendent’s 2019-20 Objective Performance Standards 

    Deliverable One: By April 2020, conduct a thorough review of the current intervention supports provided and develop a system of interventions which integrates the work of collaborative teams with other mechanisms of support. To include:

    • Evaluation of current practices and resources
    • Development of a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework at each level
    • Build time into the student day to provide interventions

    Deliverable Two: By May 2020, develop teacher leadership in STEAM at the elementary and middle levels to build capacity and sustainability of K-12 STEAM education for all students. To include:

    • Identification of potential teacher leaders from each building
    • Development and facilitation of STEAM Leadership professional learning for identified teachers
    • Finalize K-8 integrated STEAM units for each grade level

    Deliverable Three: By June 2020, create a Profile of a Council Rock Graduate which reflects academic and non-academic indicators of student success and informs future programming. To include:

    • Engagement of diverse stakeholders including, but not limited to, parents, students, community, business, higher education, teachers and administrators
    • Communicate the profile within and beyond the Council Rock community
    • Utilize the profile to guide decisions about future programming