The Graduation Project provides:

    1.  students with an opportunity to formulate questions and to discover feasible solutions.

    2.  students with an opportunity to demonstrate individual initiative or group responsibility

    3.  students with an opportunity to use resource materials to express ideas and talents.

    4.  opportunity for the teacher to approve a variety of projects in which to accommodate a diversity of ability levels and individual interests.

    5.  opportunities for students to talk together and exchange ideas while creating their project.


    The Graduation Project:

    1.  demonstrates that students have mastered the learning process.  They should clearly demonstrate that they have been able to define a problem clearly, and are able to understand the difference between process and product, both of which are equally important.  They understand the importance of the form in which their work is presented.

    2.  must be well thought out.

    3.  should consider such problems as the following:

    a.  What do I want to learn?

    b.  How will I go about learning these things?

    c.  What will the product be?

    d.  What will the time line be?

    e.  What type of research will be used?

                f.  How will data be used?

Last Modified on September 14, 2010