I.  Overview

    A.  Authority

    1.  Chapter Four, Section 4.24.a:  “Each school district shall specify requirements for graduation in the strategic plan under 4.13 (relating to strategic planning).  Requirements shall include course competition and grades, completion of a culminating project, and results of local assessments aligned with the academic standards.”  “…The purpose of the culminating project is to assure that students communicate significant knowledge and understanding.”


    2.  CRSD Strategic Plan – Assessment Action Plan:  “To require of seniors, as a condition of graduation, completion of a project in one or more areas of concentrated study under the guidance and direction of the high school faculty.”


    B.  Purpose

    1.  The Graduation Project is intended to allow students to synthesize their accumulated knowledge.


    2.  Student will explore individual topics which reflect their personal interest, future goals and levels of ability.


    C.  Precedents

    1.  Prior required district transition projects/assessments will serve as models for the current Graduation Project.

                a.  Council Rock Elementary Performance Assessment

                b.  Middle Level Literacy Portfolio


    2.  The Graduation Project topic should be based on knowledge gained from course work and relevant experiences.


    3.  Students will have demonstrated appropriate written, research, oral, technology, visual, and self-management skills to complete the project.


    II.  Characteristics

    A. Specific courses are designed as Graduation Project courses

    1.  Courses are identified at all grade levels.

    2.  Emphasis is on designated courses in grade 11 in order to ensure the possibility of remediation.

    3.  Courses are identified at all ability levels.

    4.  At least one course in each curricular track within a department is identified.


    B. Pursuit of the Graduation Project in identified course is at the initiative of students with the supervision and encouragement of the teacher.


    C. Six components are required for project completion:

    1.  Self Management component

    2.  Written component

    3.  Research component

    4.  Oral component

    5.  Technological component

    6.  Visual component


    D. The Graduation Project may be any one of the following:

    1.  a standard project within the course for which all required components are included

    2.  an expansion of a standard project within the course by an individual student or group

    3.  an independent study project within the course completed by an individual student or group


    E. The Graduation Project may be a group effort.

    1.  Group presentation require specific and unique responsibilities for each participating student.

    2.  Each student in the group will be assessed separately and will be responsible for all six components.


    F. The project will be an original work which is completely the product of the student’s or group’s own effort.

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