• Assessment and Scoring Rubrics

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    I. Description

    A. Component Point Values

    1.  Each of the six components (self management, written, research, oral, technological and visual) is required and will be assigned a point value totaling 100 percent.


    2.  No Graduation Project may be assigned a final grade until all six components are completed.


    3.  Different percentage values for each component may be determined by the focus of the course.


    4.  Each department must determine the percentage value for each component in each designated course.


    5.  No one component"s point percentage may exceed 40 percent nor be less than 10 percent.


    6.  Examples


    Honors Geometry Graduation Project

    10%     Self Management

    20%     Oral

    30%     Research

    10%     Technology

    10%     Visual

    20%     Written

    100%   Total


    Sculpture 1 Graduation Project

    15%     Self Management

    10%     Oral

    15%     Research

    10%     Technology

    40%     Visual

    10%     Written

    100%   Total


    B. Suggested guideline for length

    1.  If the written component is weighted 40%, the length should be at least 10 typed pages.

    2.  If the oral component is weighted 40%, the length should be at least 10 minutes.


    II. Evaluation of Graduation Projects

    A. All Graduation Projects must be evaluated through the use of rubrics.

     1.  Rubrics have been develop for all six components of the Graduation Project.

                a.  Self Management component

    b.  Written component

    c.  Research component

    d.  Oral component

    e.  Technological component

    f.  Visual component


    2.  Standard rubrics appear at the end of this section.


    B. All Graduation Project must be graded.

    1.  A letter grade of A, B or C will be assigned by the teacher for those who successfully complete the Graduation Project.

    2.  No credit or quality points will accrue.


    3.  The grade will appear on the student"s report card and transcript


    4.  If the grade is below a C:

    a.  the student may revise the unsatisfactory Graduation Project for reevaluation by the same teacher, resulting in a revised grade no higher than a C, as long as it is completed/revised before the start of the next academic year, or

    b.  the students may instead opt to do a different Graduation Project as part of another designated course in which he/she is enrolled.


    5.  All Graduation Projects which have not been satisfactory completed will received a status of NS (Not Satisfied) on the student"s report card and transcript.


    6.  A Graduation Project Withdrawal Form must be completed for any project that is terminated for any reason.

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