• Student Responsibilities

    In accordance with Chapter Four Curriculum Regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Council Rock School district Graduation Requirements, a student must complete a Graduation Project under the guidance and direction of the high school faculty.

    The intent of the graduation project is for Council Rock graduating students to demonstrate competence and/or mastery in the following areas:  self management, writing, research, oral discourse, computer technology, and creation of a visual.

    A critical element of the Graduation Project is for the student to effectively manage time, effort and priorities.  Every graduate needs to be able to access, gather, extract, synthesize and evaluate information and present it effectively.  The graduating student must be able to communicate competently in written and oral language to persuade, describe, narrate and/or inform.  In addition, the graduating student will demonstrate the ability to use computer technology as a tool to research, to manage and to present information.  Finally, the graduate will visually and creatively capture and maintain the interest of the intended audience.

    A.  Is it the responsibility of the student to identify and schedule a Graduation Policy course in order to complete the Graduation Project.  ONLY ONE GRADUATION PROJECT MAY BE COMPLETED.  Please refer to the Program Planning Booklet for identified graduation project courses.  These courses are available for students in grades ten through twelve.

    B.  Graduation Project Proposal, Contract and Student Work Log must be submitted at appropriate times designated by the teacher of the Graduation Project course.

    C.  All Graduation Projects must be started by the end of the third marking period.


    D.  No Graduation Project may be assigned a final grade until all six components are completed.  The teacher must assign a letter grade of A, B or C to Graduation Projects which have been satisfactorily completed.  The grade will appear on the student"s report card and transcript with no credit or quality points accruing.  Graduation Projects which have not been satisfactorily completed must receive a status of NS (not satisfied) on the student"s report card.


    E.  If the grade is below a C:

    1.  the student may revise the unsatisfactory Graduation Project for reevaluation, resulting in a revised grade no higher than a C, as long as it is completed/revised before the start of the next academic year, or

    2.  the student may instead opt to do another Graduation Project as part of a different designated course in which he/she is enrolled.


    F.  The Graduation Project must be an original work which is completely a product of one student"s or one group"s effort.  If a student is working in a group, each student must be assessed separately and must be responsible for all six components.


    G.  All sources used in the Graduation Project must be documented.

Last Modified on September 14, 2010