1. Teachers must become familiar with the Graduation Project booklet and the Academic Integrity Guidelines.
    2. Teachers of specific courses designated as Graduation Project courses must orient students to how the project can be accomplished in the course.
    3. Although the pursuit of a graduation project should be at the initiative of individual students, the teacher must provide appropriate encouragement, guidance, and supervision throughout the project.
    4. For students who choose to complete a Graduation project in the teacher"s course, the teacher must oversee the following: 
      1. Graduation Project Proposal form completion
      2. Contract completion
      3. Student Work Log progress with completed stages initialed by teacher
      4. Withdrawal form completion for students who withdraw from project
      5. Student entry of project description into the LMC database and approval of printout from database
    5. Teachers who facilitate a graduation project must
      1. help students to narrow the topic and develop a question
      2. explain requirements of the project
      3. establish an appropriate time line which is realistic for the objectives of the specific project
      4. review research guidelines and plagiarism policies
      5. describe assessment procedures
      6. initial completion of the various stages of the Student Work Log
    6. Teacher must monitor plans and progress of the project at regular intervals throughout the course according to the time line.
    7. Teachers must follow the assessment procedures for the Graduation Project at Council Rock High School North.  This includes the distribution and discussion of the rubrics with students prior to commencement of the project.  Grades A, B, C or NS must be recorded on grade entry sheets.
    8. If a teacher cannot accommodate all student requests to supervise a graduation project, it is the responsibility of the teacher, along with his/her department to find an alternate faculty facilitator.

Last Modified on September 14, 2010