• Time Line for Teachers and Students

    Week A
    I. Teacher Orientation for Students
         (school-wide September kick-off date)
    • provide an overview of possible projects within each class
    • provide an orientation to availability of technology
    • present models of past graduation projects
    • review LMC graduation project database to generate ideas

    II. Student Declaration of Project
    • complete Project Contract form
    • complete Project Proposal form
    • review rubrics with teacher
    Week C-F
    III. Regularly Scheduled Student Submission of In-Progress Student Work Log (self-management component)
    • student records data and dates for in-progress tasks
    • teacher reviews and initials student entries
    Week C-F
    IV. On-Going Individual Student/Teacher Conferences
    • Schedule on-going meetings to
      • discuss outline of the project (all components)
      • review notes (research component)
      • review rough draft (written, oral and visual component)
      • review final draft (written, oral and visual component)
      • use rubrics as a self-check list (all components)
      • review self management progress (self management component)

    V. Student Submission and Presentation of Project and Completed Student Work Log
    Week G
    VI. Evaluation of All Components by Project Facilitator
    Week G
    VII. Student Enters Project Description in LMC Database
    • student submits printed copy, signed by a librarian, to project facilitator

    VII. Teacher Submits Grade at End of Marking Period
Last Modified on September 14, 2010