• Practicing our sounds should be incorporated into our daily routine. I post therapy activities in my google classroom every month for your child to access and utilize at home.

    Here are some additional suggestions on how to practice each day:parents with child


    1. when brushing our teeth, use the toothbrush to wake up our tongue and say our sound/words in the mirror


    2. when we finish a homework page, we can find words on the page that have our sounds in them and say them aloud 


    3. since we have to read each night, choose just one page to read aloud and focus on using my best sounds


    4. when we are talking about our day, we can focus on our sounds and our clear speech


    5. we can use a device to record ourselves practicing too!

       (this helps train our ears so we can monitor our own speech)

    6. Play a game of ARTIC-TAC-TOE (click below to open board templates that you can personalize)


    à practicing with a device or mirror helps kids see if their mouths are moving into the proper shape