• Shining Bright in 4th Grade!

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    October 29 - November 9
    s Learning Targets This Weeks
    Fact and Opinion
    Simple Verb Tenses
    Common Consonant Patterns:  Clusters
    Greek/Latin Word Parts:  auto-, phon-, photo-, graph-, tele- 
    Multiplying by 10, 100, 1000
    Building Ratio Tables
    Multiplying Single Digits by Multiples of 10
    Early History of Pennsylvania
    Comparing our Animals and Adaptations 
    h Three Cheers for...h
    *Thanks to our Homeroom Moms who made our Halloween Celebration such a success!
    *Don't forget to confirm your Conference Time!  'Tis the season!
    *American Education Week: Come and see what we REALLY do!  See Mrs. Fox's message and/or the WES School Website for specific information.
    *Running Club has started.  A great way to start the day!  Are YOU on the run?
    *Please remember to consider the Allergy Alert notice sent home regarding birthday treats.  There are more allergies than just nuts!  
    *Be sure to check Homework Planners and the class website
    for assignments and information.
    *Ask your child about the topics listed above - great conversation starters while in the car!
    *Please sign and return all tests that come home at your earliest convenience.
    *First in Math is ready for everyone.  Labels are in white Home Folders.
    b Book Buzzb
    Coming Distractions:  Quesitoning Movies
    The Wonder of Animation
    Now Showing in Your Living Room
    The Magic of Movies
    Critics in Hollywood
    Behind the Scenes
     Taste of Blackberries