• Parents and Athletes:  If you or your child thinks they have a concussion, they will need 2 things before being allowed to return to practice or games. 

    1.  A signed note from a doctor that clears them to play. 
    2.  Your child must be 100% in school before returning to practice or play.  In other words, if your child is in need of "brain breaks", or receives some accomidations (no tests, no notes, etc...) due to their concussion, they will not be allowed to play.  Returning to learn comes before returning to play.  
    Once an athlete is cleared by the doctor, they must go through the Council Rock protocol before returing to play.  Below is the required protocol. 

    #1: Doctor clears student.   

    #2: Light aerobic exercise- Walking, swimming, or biking while keeping heart rate below 70% max.

    #3: Sport Specific Exercise- Basic Low impact drills associated with the athletes sport. (No head impact activities)

    #4: Non-contact training drills- Progress to more complex drills.

    #5: Full contact practice- Resume normal training activities if there are no symptoms at this step.

     #6:  Return to game play
    Parents and Athletes:  Frequently Asked Questions
    1.  Do I need to get concussion tested? 
           A.  Yes.  It is now PA law that every middle school athlete be concussion tested before participating in sports. 
    2.  When do I get tested? 
           A.  All Newtown students will be tested several weeks prior to the start of their season.   
    3.  My child is playing a sport outside of school and needs a concussion test. Can I use the test they took at school? 
           A.  No.  Our test is for use in Council Rock sports only.  Groups like CRUSA, CRWA, and Council Rock Ice Hockey, are all club teams, and have no affiliation with the district.  We are not permitted to share the test, or the results with these groups.   
    4.  Will you post-test my child if their concussion happened OUTSIDE of a school? 
           A.  No.  We are only permitted to post test a child whose concussion happened while participating in a school activity.   
    5.  If my child gets a concussion how can I obtain a copy of their concussion test results?
           A.  Email Mike Horan (email below) and ask for a copy.  There is a process that needs to be followed:
                                1.  Email the head trainer at CR North and ask to have the test results give to you.  It will take 48 hours so be sure to email in advance. 
                                                           Head trainer at CR North:  Mike Horan:  mhoran@crsd.org
                                2.  The reports can not be faxed to your doctor.  You will be given a ID code that will allow you to access them.