• Binoculars and Birds 

     How to use binoculars

    1.      Always put the strap around your neck.

    2.     Remove the lens covers.  Remember not to touch the lens.

    3.     Look at an object.  Do you see one circle or one?  If you see two, gently push the binocular barrels in until you see one circle.  As soon as you can see

    the object through one circle stop.

    4.     Look at one object about 20 feet away.  Stare at it!  Keep staring at it!

    5.     Slowly without looking away bring the binoculars up to your eyes.  Do you see it?

    6. Use your finger to move the focus wheel in the center of the binoculars.  Adjust the focus wheel while looking at the object.    If it is blurry, move the focus wheel the other direction till the image is clear and sharp.


    7.     Now, locate a bird!

    8.     Don’t walk with the binoculars up to your eyes.



    Parts of a bird

    It helps when using a bird guide, field guide or a computer app to know the parts of a bird.  What is the top of the bird called or what is the area before the tail?  Also, when describing a bird we use these terms.  See below

     Parts of a Bird