• C.A.R.E.S. Student Support Groups
    Students must return a signed Parent Permission Form to participate in a C.A.R.E.S. Student Support Group
    1. New Student Support Group - This group is for students new to
        the Council Rock School District who would like to learn about activities
        and groups available in the school.  This is a great opportunity to meet
        other new students at CRHS North.
    2. Family Issues Group - This group is open to all students who have
         family members involved in substance abuse, dependency issues, mental
         health issues, major stress events, negative communication patterns, or
         are generally experiencing difficulties at home.
    3. Bereavement (Grief & Loss) Group - If you have experienced 
         the death or loss of a significant family member or friend, this group is 
         designed to help you cope and deal with your grief.  
    4. Families In Transition Group - This group will help students deal with
         issues of separation, divorce, and adjusting to stepfamilies.
    5. Tobacco Cessation Group - This group is designed to help
           adolescents quit using tobacco.  The program not only builds skills and
           knowledge regarding tobacco use, but it also focuses on developing a
           wide variety of social skills.
    6. Managing Anger Through Responsible Choices Group
           This group is designed for students wanting to explore the styles of
           anger and the problems resulting from negative anger patterns of 
           behavior.  Group activities are sequenced to understand and practice
           skills geared to improve anger control, optimism, self-image, personal
           responsibility, and emotional intelligence.
    7. Coping Skills Group - This group is designed to offer information
           about depression and anxiety and help students develop coping skills. 
           Students will meet others who face similar challenges.  This group is
           designed to help provide information, develop coping skills, create
           support, and break the isolation often experienced by students
           suffering from depression or anxiety.
    8. Building Social Skills Group  This group will assist students in
           learning and practicing helpful and necessary social skills.  The three levels
           of social involvement are: routine or normal situations, problem or unusual
           situations, and enchancing situations to explore ways of creating a more
           positively involved social life.