• Logging into your Google Drive

    For Discovery Quests!

    1.     Go to www.drive.google.com or www.docs.google.com

    2.     Log in using your Chromebook email and password…

    Email – student number@student.crsd.org

    Password – your normal password

    3.     Once logged in, you can create a document (like MS Word),

    A slide show (like power point), or sheets (like excel).

    4.     Click on the grid icon to access docs, slides, or sheets.

    5.     You can log on at home from any computer! When you work on your project, it automatically saves, so you can pick up where you left off at home!

    6.     This is the direction Council Rock is going for all student access in the future, so start practicing using Google now!



    -The Fifth Grade Team