• Required Courses

    Students are required to take three (3) years of Social Studies in order to graduate. 
    A fourth year is strongly recommended. 
    For more information, please see individual Teacher Pages.

     Course Name                                  Teacher(s) 
    9th Grade: US History 1865-1945
    Foundations American Civilizations:                    Hoyt
    American Civilizations:                                        Boekamp, Holloran, JacobyPacitti, McGovern
    Honors American Civilizations:                            Hentz, Holloran, Knoblauch, Pacitti, Van Eysden
    Honors American Studies 1 (Gifted):            Perry
    Students may opt to take an additional Senior elective
    10 Grade: US History 1945-Present
    Foundations American Civilizations:                    
    American Civilizations:                                         Fash, Keiper, Knoblauch, McGovern, Rapp
    Honors American Civilizations:                             Bienkowski, Fash, Rapp
    Honors American Studies 2 (Gifted):              Pacitti 
    *Advanced Placement (AP) US History:                  Holloran
    Students may opt to take an additional Senior elective
    11th Grade: European and World Cultures
    World History:                                                      Finkboner, Jacoby, Schneider
    Honors World History:                                          Finkboner, Keegan
    Honors Modern World History (Gifted):                 Parfitt           
    *Advanced Placement (AP) European History:        Jacoby, Schnieder      
    *Advanced Placement (AP) World History:             Van Eysden           
    Students may opt to take an additional Senior elective
    12th Grade: Senior Electives
    Senior electives are strongly recommended for college bound students to broaden their experience and knowledge of the Social Sciences.
    *Indicates Senior Elective

    NOTE: parents should be aware that course work and material in Advanced Placement classes is taught at and written for an introductory college level class. Practical and prudent consideration should be taken when scheduling underclassmen for these courses.
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