• Elective Courses

    Electives are recommended for college-bound students.  Electives provide students with an opportunity for a more intensive study in a given area. 
    For more information, please see individual Teacher Pages. 

    Course Name                                  Teacher(s)     
    Personal Interest Semester Courses:
    Current Issues                                                  Fash, Rapp, Schneider    
    Introduction to Economics                                Rapp
    Introduction to Psychology                               Keiper, Silimperi
    Gender Studies                                                 Keegan, Keiper, McGovern, Schneider
    Sociology (Semester)                                         Bienkowski
    Accelerated Psychology                                     Keiper, Osbeck
    Honors Economic Theory (Semester)                  Perry
    Honors Government (Semester)                         Finkboner
    Honors Philosophy (Gifted)                                Perry
    Advanced Placement Courses: 
    Advanced Placement (AP) European Studies         Jacoby, Schneider
    Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology                  Gerhauser, Silimperi, Osbeck
    Advanced Placement (AP) US History                    Holloran
    Advanced Placement (AP) World History               Van Eysden
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