Senior College Recommendations

  • Letters of Recommendation for College Applications

    Ms. Sharp


    If you want me to write a letter of recommendation for you, PLEASE EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY AND TELL ME THIS. Do this even if you have talked with me; I have senioritis – the type that comes with old age. After you create a resume, submit it to me by email or in hard-copy form. This does not have to be in any particular form; it may be an organized list. It is in your best interest to submit information to me at the end of your junior year or during the summer, though I do not require this. The sooner you submit information to me, the sooner I can complete your letter, which is the really time-consuming part of the process for me. Once you have set up Navience for college applications and I have written the letter, I can submit through Navience and/or other online plathgorms, mail letters, make copies, complete evaluations, etc… You may send me a resume before you know to which schools you will apply.


    I only submit recommendations for students who waive their right to review the information. I will give you a copy of the letter that I write if you want one, but I do not share college evaluation forms with students. I will tell you if I am unable to submit a positive recommendation so that you may choose someone else to complete the recommendation form.


    Please provide the following either by email or hard-copy:

    1. Your email address
    2. A resume listing your hobbies, achievements, interests, etc.... This does not have to be a formal resume; a comprehensive list will do. Be specific about duties and experiences. I need details so that I can write a more personal letter about you.
    3. Submission deadlines (as you determine these).
    4. Let me know when you are ready for me to submit through the Naviance system. If after I have submitted to Naviance you add schools to your list in the system, you will need to notify me that I need to submit to more schools through Naviance. 
    1. When you are ready for me to submit to schools not included in the Naviance system, send me links or bring me addressed, stamped envelopes. *Complete sections requiring personal information either online or hard-copy. Sign the section in which you waive your right to view the evaluation form.
    2. For hard-copy recommendations, provide as many addressed, stamped envelopes as the number of letters and evaluations you want me to mail.
    3. Please list the following for the return address:


                CR South HS

                2002 Rock Way

                Holland, PA 18966

    1. Remember to sign each form that you want me to complete.
    2. I will also write letters and/or complete evaluations required for scholarship applications.

    Ms. Sharp