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    Fifth Grade Reading Requirements

    • As students finish a book, they are required to demonstrate their comprehension by completing a book card.  The book cards are found in our classroom and also online on our website under language arts.
    • The summaries must be submitted by the date designated for each marking period.  I will review the summaries as the students complete them throughout the school year. 

    *Children have different interests and all read at different levels. Due to this fact fifth grade counts pages instead of individual books. Fifth grade uses the following format.

    135 pgs = 1 book

    270 pgs = 2 books

    405 pgs = 3 books

    540 pgs = 4 books

    675 pgs = 5 books

    810 pgs = 6 books

    Do not forget that in order for your child to reach his/her yearly goal of 25 books, for at least one marking period, he/she should read at least 6-7 books.   Students will log each book on their reading log when completed, then at the end of the marking period add up the number of pages to find the book total equivalent as based on the numbers above.

    As they select their books for each marking period, they must keep in mind that they are also responsible for reading a variety of book genres.

    If there is any confusion and/or any concerns about this, please contact me or have your child speak to me.

Last Modified on May 25, 2018