All About Me

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    “All About Me” is a getting to know you activity that will continue throughout the school year. Each student will be assigned a specific week during the school year to showcase themselves.




    All About Me Poster: Additionally, each child will also be responsible for completing an “All About Me” poster. I will be providing the students with the “All About Me” posters that they are to use.  The students will be responsible for getting their poster from the classroom whenever they are ready to begin work on it. I typically give students poster atleast 2 weeks before the due date.



    Pictures: Along with the special items and the “All About Me” poster, on their assigned date, each child must bring in 4-5 pictures of themselves.  These can be pictures of themselves alone, with family members, with pets, on vacation, and/or at home.


    True/False Statements: Create 8-10 true/false statements all about you! Your class members will guess which statements are true and false to get to know you! 


    The “All About me” poster, and the pictures, the students will create a bulletin board in the classroom that is all about them.  Please remember all pictures must be appropriate for discussion and display in school.  


    On their assigned date, the students will present their true and false statements, their “All About Me” poster, and their pictures to the class.

    On the Monday or Tuesday (depending on when the week begins) of their assigned week, each student must have the following:

    • 8-10 true/false statements 
    • 4-5 pictures
    • Completed “All About Me” poster

    Assigned weeks for “All About Me” will be displayed in the classroom. Students will recieve their poster 2 weeks prior to their special week.


    If you have any questions about this assignment, please contact me. I look forward to getting to know all about your child!