• Allergies - Guidance Lunch Lessons
     food allergies
    Your child's health and wellness are extremely important.

    During guidance lunch lessons, students with food allergies or concerns are seated at a specific table without being removed from the group.  

    The following steps are taken to ensure your child's safety.

    • Allergies and health concerns are reviewed with the school nurse.
    • Students are asked about allergies or health concerns prior to each group session.
    • Table is cleaned at the end of every group session.
    • Shared games and equipment are cleaned prior to each use.  (However, Legos used during Lego Club are very difficult to keep separated.  Students are encouraged to eat and wash hands prior to playing with Legos.)
    • Games begin with students with allergies or health concerns to avoid cross contamination.
    • Students are not permitted to share lunch or snack items.


    Please call with questions or concerns.