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      9:10-9:30: Morning Meeting
      9:30-10:10: Social Studies
                         Ancient China with Mrs. Duffy
                         Ancient Egypt with Mrs. Lockett

                         Judaism & the Israelite Kingdoms &  Ancient India with Ms. Gorbachinsky

                         Origins of Civilization &  Ancient Mesopotamia with Mrs. Panettieri

                         Mesoamerica &  South & North America with Mr. Morecz                    

      10:10-10:50: Science
                          Anatomy of Cells with Mrs. Duffy

                          Heredity with Mrs. Lockett

                          Variables with Ms. Gorbachinsky

                          Earth, Moon, & Sun with Mrs. Panettieri

                          Levers & Pulleys with Mr. Morecz

      10:50-11:00: "OWL Time"-Opportunities with Learning
      11:00-12:00: Recess/Lunch
      12:00-1:00:  Math
      1:00-1:15:  "OWL Time"-Opportunities with Learning
      1:15-2:00: Special
                         Monday- Chromebook Time
                         Tuesday- Music
                         Wednesday- Library
                         Thursday- P.E.
                         Friday- Art
      2:00-3:30: ELA
      (*note, 6th Grade Chorus is on Tuesday from 2:30-3:00)
      3:30-3:40 Closing Procedures