• Dear Students and Parents,                 ,

    Welcome to sixth grade! I am thrilled to be your teacher this year.  I hope you had a fantastic summer full of rest and relaxation despite the times we are facing.  While we are currently not in school, I plan on reaching out to each and every one of you so that I get to know you not only as a student at school, but also as a person outside of school.  I will learn about what makes you, you.


    This is my fourteenth year at Sol Feinstone Elementary, and my second year teaching Sixth Grade.  I love our school and teaching.  In fact, I may have taught a sibling of yours, a friend of the family, or even another child in your neighborhood.  I already know some of you from friendly conversations shared in the hallway these past couple years. 


    My wife and I welcomed our daughter, Isla, late last year.  She is the best!  Plus, we have a loving and caring dog named Cooper who is a great big brother for our little girl.  I enjoy reading, being outside, and spending time with my family and friends.  Oh, and my wife would call me a huge sports nut!  I love all things Philadelphia.  After all, I spent the majority of my life here in Bucks County.  I am excited to meet you and learn about your family and all the things you enjoy doing (and the things you don’t really enjoy).


    A list of the school supplies is on the Sixth Grade level website.  If you are a little confused or unclear about any items on the list, do not worry about it right now.  Send me an email.  There will be time to collect the items once school starts.


    Together, we will make your last year at Sol Feinstone Elementary as memorable, fun-filled, and exciting as possible.


    Welcome to Sixth Grade!


    Your Sixth Grade Teacher,

    Mr. Morecz



Last Modified on August 24, 2020