•                                                  Peanut Free  Room


    Newtown Elementary is now a PEANUT FREE school.  All snacks
    eaten in the classroom must be peanut free! Safety first!
    Party Menu
    Please read all labels - labels cannot state "may contain trace amounts of nut or processed in a plant that also processes tree nut or peanut.
    For a party treat please choose one of the following. 
    Soft pretzels from Jim's
    String cheese
    Cheddar Goldfish
    Wheat Thins
     Store Prepared Vegetable Tray
    Skinny Pop popcorn - original flavor popcorn
    Yogurt Jello pudding snacks
    Mott's Fruitsation
    Fig Newtons
    Fruit cups pre-packaged
    Original Graham Crackers
    Whole fruit (Clementine, apples) 
    Water Ice (Luigi's Lemon)
    Philly Swirl "SwirlStix" Frozen Ice Pops