Honors Biology


    Honors Biology Course Outline



    I   Introduction

    1 Invitation to Biology


    II Principles of Cellular Life

    2 Life’s Chemical Basis

    3 Molecules of Life

    4 Cell Structure

    5 Ground Rules of Metabolism

    6 Where It Starts – Photosynthesis

    7 How Cells Release Chemical Energy


    III Genetics

    8 DNA Structure and Function

    9 From DNA to Protein

    10 Control of Gene Expression

    11 How Cells Reproduce

    12 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction



    25% of the Second Marking Period

    III. Genetics (Continued)

    13 Observing Patterns in Inherited Traits

    14 Human Inheritance

    15 Biotechnology


    IV. Evolution

    16 Evidence of Evolution

    17 Processes of Evolution


    V. Evolution and Biodiversity

    19 Viruses, Bacteria, and Archea

    20 The Protists

    34 Immunity

    23 Animals 1: Major Invertebrate Groups

    24 Animals 11: The Chordates


    VI. How Animals Work

    28 Animal Tissues and Organ Systems

    29 Neural Control

    30 Sensory Perception

    31 Endocrine Control

    32 Structural Support and Movement

    33 Circulation

    35 Respiration

    36 Digestion and Human Nutrition

    37 Maintaining the Internal Environment

    38 Reproduction and Development



    NOT CUMULATIVE. COVERS ONLY THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR. 25% of the 4th marking period grade.