Check out these fun websites....

  • The following are some fun websites to help develop the English language:

    Free Web Sites (a fun website that has a variety of activities to develop English proficiency) (an educational website that has a number of language arts and math games) (focuses on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) (a great resource for printing out flash cards to help expand vocabulary) (fun vocabulary puzzles and games) (word games, grammar, parts of speech, quizzes) (user is actively engaged practicing math, language arts, science and social studies skills) (an interactive website to practice reading, listening, speaking skills -also includes stories with follow-up activities) 

    Online Reading

    BookFlix (pairs books & videos)

    How to get to Bookflix:

    Go to school web page
    Click ‘Library’ tab
    Click ‘Destiny’ – ‘Library Catalog’
    Click ‘Holland’ or ‘Goodnoe’ Elementary School
    Click ‘Power Library’ under Databases
    Click ‘Bookflix’ under Children’s Resources
    Search for individual titles by clicking ‘Resources’.  A search option as well as sorting feature will appear.
    Pebblego (pairs informational text & pictures)

    How to get to Pebblego

    Go to school web page
    Click ‘Library’ tab
    Click ‘Destiny’ – ‘Library Catalog’
    Click ‘Holland' or 'Goodnoe' Elementary School
    Click ‘Pebblego’
    Google Docs

    Voice to Text Feature – Allows person to talk into computer / chromebook and the computer will do the typing for you.  You can also translate languages with voice typing. (This feature is located under tools and called voice typing). 

    Read / Write Feature - You can also have the text read back to you aloud on the chromebook. (Press the little speaker on the top right of screen and press the arrow to play back).

    Translating Web Pages

    Did you know that you can easily translate a webpage into multiple languages? 

    Right click on web page and choose ‘Translate to English’.
    Click ‘Options’
    Click ‘Change Language’
    Click the translation language you want

    Free Rice- Students play eduacational games while earning free rice for the World Food Program.

    Reading -


    • Interactive reading activities for comprehension and phonemic awareness. 
    • Pre K - 2 (beginners).


    • Interactive Math & Reading games. 
    • Games for grades K-8.

    English Language Games

    • Interactive & leveled word games.
    • Grammar, parts of speech quizzes, Grades 3-5 (all levels).
    • Bilingual quizzes.

    Interesting "Things"

    • Interactive word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs.
    • Vocabulary word lists.

    Storyline Online

    • Listen to a wide variety of picture books read aloud by famous people.

    Vocabulary Fun

    • Vocabulary learning games & puzzles.
    • Interactive games & puzzles using verbs (Gr. 3-5 intermediate). 

     Meriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

    • Dictionary with understandable definitions.

    Translation Dictionary

    • Provides definitions of English words.