• Google!!

    The Google Classroom is a fantastic way to share assignments, presentations, documents, etc. withour class!  Google provides easy online sharing for effective collaboration.  The best thing about Google is that it automatically saves what you create... Cool stuff!! 
    Check below for how to get into your Google drive, Google classroom, how to share, and how to turn in assignments.
    Getting into your Google Drive
          Click on Google Chrome.  Don't have it?  Download it for free!
          Got to drive.google.com  
           Your log on ("email") is your student #@student.crsd.org
                   You may have to click on the "Go to Google Drive" sign... 
    In Google Drive 
         Upper right hand corner, by your name - there is a 3 x 3 grid of little black dots (known as a "waffle") 
          Click on the "waffle" to find all Google programs like slides,  mail, docs, etc.
          Click on the program you need or are being asked to use and start creating! 
                      Your work is saved automatically to your Google Drive!
    Sign into classroom.google.com (Or click the waffle from your Google Drive, then "more" to find classroom)
          Click the "Join" button (upper right) 
          Type in your specific classroom code given to you by your teacher! Use your class code only!!! 
    Sharing a File 
          Click the blue SHARE button in the upper right 
          Type in your partner(s) Google log on information  (see above)
           Your partner can find the shared document by clicking on the "Shared with me" (left side) button from their Google Drive.  File not there?  Have your partner open a new file and share with you instead!
          Click share - you are now BOTH in the SAME document AT THE SAME TIME!!  How cool!!
    Turning an assignment in (submitting) 
    Sign into classroom -
    1.  open the assignment (not your file, the actual classroom assignment) on the classroom page
    2.  Click Add (bottom left of box)
    3.  Click from your Google Drive
          If you do not see your file - your partner has it on their drive!  Right click the slide show from "shared with me" then copy the slideshow into your drive.  THEN you can find it to turn in. 
    4.  Click on document you want to turn in
    5.  Click the "turn in" button