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    Academic Eligibility


    The primary focus of all students should be the attainment of their academic potential. Each student-athlete should work closely with their teachers, counselor, coach and grade-level principal to make sure they are on track academically. Council Rock offers “clinic” on Tuesday and Thursdays. Any student-athlete needing assistance from their teachers should notify the coach and attend.  Any student who is failing a course or who becomes academically at-risk may be assigned mandatory “study hall” in the cafeteria from 2:30-3:30.  They will not be allowed to attend practice that day with out a note from the supervisor in study hall. Please carefully read the following eligibility procedures.  


    1.  To be eligible for interscholastic athletic participation, a student must pursue a curriculum defined and approved by the principal as a full-time curriculum. 

    2.  Eligibility shall be cumulative from the beginning of a marking period and shall be reported on a weekly basis.