Athletic Program



    Council Rock High School South is a member of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, the Suburban One League and complies with the National Federation of High School Association rules.  The “Golden Hawks” compete in the National Conference of the Suburban One League, which also includes Abington, Bensalem, CR North, Neshaminy, Pennsbury, Harry S Truman, and William Tennent. 



    Purpose of Participation


    Participating in High School Athletics can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences for a young man or woman.  For many, membership on a high school team represents the last time they will play team sports formally.  For some, high school athletics can be a developmental step toward participation at the college level. For a very select few, it will be a step toward participation beyond the college level to the international level or even the professional level.


    The essential reason for high school athletics is to provide a stimulating and enriched environment for our students to gain and extend the basic characteristics outlined in the District Mission statement,


     “As a Leader in Educational Excellence, in partnership with the community, Council Rock is committed to children and will empower them with skills and knowledge through comprehensive, innovative and diverse educational experiences, enabling them to achieve self-fulfillment and to become productive, responsible citizens who contribute to the world community.”


    While striving to win provides an exciting vehicle to explore one’s potential, a win-loss record is not the ultimate measure of success.  The amounts of personal growth as measured by dedication, discipline, sacrifice, drive, work ethic, integrity, sportsmanship, fairness, teamwork, focus on a goal, and a love of life-long fitness are the targets of the program.


    It is our hope that every student-athlete that graduates from Council Rock South will exhibit these characteristics, regardless of their win-loss record or their individual accomplishments. It is also our hope that they will be able to transfer the lessons learned in their high school athletic experiences to all of their experiences as citizens of the greater community.


    Characteristics of Council Rock Athletes



    *Academically Centered                                                   *Maintains Perspective

    *Honest                                                                          *Demonstrates Good Citizenship

    *Demonstrates Integrity                                                    *Well Mannered/Behaved

    *Demonstrates Sportsmanship/Sense of Fairness              *Drug and Alcohol-Free

    *Works Hard                                                                   *Proud but Humble in Victory and Defeat

    *Able to follow directives                                                   *Goal Driven

    *Demonstrates dedication, determination,

          perseverance and focus.



    100% Rule


    It is the expectation of all student-athletes that they will participate in all practices and contests unless explicitly excused before hand by the coach.  Student athletes, particularly at the Varsity and JV level, can expect to  practice six days per week. Practices may be held early in the morning and/or in the evening. If there is a particular hardship, the athlete should consult with his/her coach prior to missing any team functions.  Coaches may not call mandatory practices on Sunday, unless they have been given permission by the Athletic Director and/or the Principal. 


    Choosing a Sport


    Fortunately, Council Rock is a large school district and can offer a wide-variety of options in athletics. Some teams have a limited number of roster spots, while others have nearly unlimited roster positions.   It is important to remember that some sports have a relatively small number of openings.  Basketball, for example, can only play five players at a time, but 60-70 student-athletes may tryout.  Being cut from one team should not discourage you from participating in another sport. We have a sport for everyone who is interested in participating on a team. Don’t be afraid to try something new, especially entering your 9 th grade year!


    Currently in the fall season we offer: Men's Cross Country, Women's Cross Country, Field Hockey (JV,V), Football (JV,V), Fall Cheerleading, Golf (JV,V), Men's Soccer (JV,V), Women's Soccer (JV,V), Women's Tennis (JV,V) and Women's Volleyball (JV,V).. 


    In the winter season we offer: Men's Basketball (JV,V), Women's Basketball (JV,V), Men's Bowling (JV,V), Women's Bowling (JV,V), Men's Swimming and Diving, Women's Swimming and Diving,  Men's Winter Track, Women's Winter Track, Wrestling (9th,JV,V), and Winter Cheerleading.


    During the spring we offer: Baseball (JV,V), Men's Lacrosse (JV,V), Women's Lacrosse (JV,V), Softball (JV,V), Men's Tennis (JV,V), Men's Track and Field, Women's Track and Field and Men's Volleyball (JV,V).


    In addition we have a number of club/intramural sports including; Frisbee, basketball, volleyball and weight lifting.




    Athletics can be an exciting and rewarding part of a high school student’s life, but there can be times when the stress and demands of participation become a source of frustration, anxiety and even depression. It is crucial for the student-athlete to keep in mind that their self-worth, career goals, and acceptance, are not dictated by the level of athletic achievement they attain. It is also crucial to understand that winning and losing do not necessarily determine the basis for evaluating ones experience as an athlete. The ultimate goal of the high school athletic experience is to provide a venue for personal growth, development of productive characteristics and traits, such as self-discipline, dedication to a group, learning to overcome one’s weaknesses, and life-long fitness.  Winning and/or losing does not affect the realization of these characteristics. Success is measured by the potential reached by an individual or a team. The effort to bring out this potential is the only thing that an individual can control. One's natural abilities are inherited, but the correct attitude, effort and coaching can bring out the best in each student-athlete.





    In order to be a successful student-athlete, and to reach one’s individual and team potential, there must be commitment during the season and off-season. Proper diet, rest, sleep and balance in life-style must be maintained. In addition, proper training, injury prevention, and proper perspective must be maintained. The athlete should strive to be a student of his/her sport. Learning the skills, strategies, and techniques of a sport can greatly improve the student-athlete’s chance of achieving success. Removing unnecessary stress and worry is also important. The athlete that tries to do everything will eventually wear down and become exhausted. Reserve down-time in order to reenergize and decompress.   This will help to prevent injury, illness and psychological burnout.



    Making the Team


    There is a team and sport for every athlete at Council Rock South. There are limitations on how many athletes can participate in some sports; examples include baseball, softball, basketball and tennis.  Council Rock South also offers sports where there are no limits on the number that can participate, including Cross Country, Football, Track and Field, and Swimming.   It is the belief of the Council Rock South Athletic Department that all athletes that are members of a team should have a role and be given an opportunity to compete for playing time.  For this reason, we limit the number of athletes on the roster of some of our smaller teams. We ask our coaches to assess student-athletes objectively, and to select individuals that can contribute and play an integral role.



    Five Day Rule


    It is a policy of the Council Rock Athletic Department to allow for a minimum of five tryout days before team selection. This applies to all levels and age groups where cuts are held. All athletes must have a completed physical and proper documentation prior to trying out.  Athletes are expected to attend all try outs. Only unexpected and/or unavoidable situations or circumstances can be considered when allowing for alternate tryouts. Documented illness, injury, or other catastrophic events will be considered; the athlete should contact the coach to inform him/her of the particular situation.  Vacations, college visits and other flexible events should be scheduled to avoid tryout periods. 





    The expectations of Council Rock South, the Suburban One League, District One, The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, and the National Federation of High School Associations are that proper conduct, behavior and the demonstration of sportsmanship both on and off the athletic location is of primary importance. There is never a time or situation that justifies demonstrating poor conduct or unsportsmanlike behavior.  Any athlete, coach, or fan who conducts themselves poorly at a contest will be warned and possibly removed. In addition, Council Rock South athletes will be subject to team and school discipline. 



    The expectation is that all Council Rock South athletes will set the highest example of appropriate behavior in the school setting and on the playing field. Being a member of a Council Rock South team is a privilege. With this privilege comes the responsibility of representing one’s school, team, community, and family.