• Top 10 reasons to study a foreign language

    10. Impress People Around You

              Whether you are aa a restaurant or speaking to someone in their native tongue, you are bound to impress someone! You will get plenty of compliments for your skill and willingless to learn. Although this shouldn't be your main reason, it is nice to be noticed for this!

    9. Develop Confidence 

              Learning a foreign language is a great confidence booster. You will be able to get over some fears, doubts, and learn more about yourself. 

    8. Improve your Decision Making Skills

           Bilinguals are more confident with their choices after thinking it over in their second language and seeing whether their first conclusion stands. A study from Chicago said that bilinguals had a tendency to eliminate the "here and now" decisions and think more about the future. 

    7. Increase Brain Power

    Studies have shown that students who study a second language tend to score better on standardized tests and learning a language increases gray matter in the brain. (Area that processes information)

    6. Completely Transform Traveling

              When you have a better understanding of the world around you, traveling is so much more fun! You can speak to others in their native tongue and experience culture norms around the world. 

    5. Employment

              Employers love to have someone who can speak in more than one language. It makes you more desirable in the working world. 

    4. Live Overseas

             Not only can you travel and experience the world, but you can LIVE and immerse yourself in a completey different culture. You will develop friends, explore the world and have a once in a lifetime trip. 

    3. Become more open-minded

             Learning a foreign language is a great way to open your eyes to the world around you. Seeing the world through another perspective will help you appreciate and understand other ways of living. 

    2. Discover a new culture

             Discovering a new culture is one of the beauties of learning a second language. Language and culture have a strong connection so when learning a language, you also jump right into a new culture that you might end up falling in love with. 

    1. Meet new people and develop life-long relationships

           There is nothing more exciting than developing a new friendship. Life-long relationships are what everyone should strive for. It is fun to learn a language, and it is even better when you can walk away with a new friend!


    Top 10 reasons taken from: https://www.lingholic.com/ten-amazing-reasons-learn-foreign-language/