Expectations and Responsibilities

    The C12 community of learners agrees on the following expectations and responsibilities. This applies to in-person and virtual learning.  

    • Come to class on time and return to homeroom on time. 
    • Have the name of at least one C12 classmate in case you miss class due to absence, music lesson, etc. Find out what you missed and make up work as soon as you can. If you have questions or need help, ask Mrs. Molishus.
    • Use your time wisely - there is always something to do in C12.
    • Always try your best. Do it better than you have to.
    • Be respectful in voice and actions: Don't talk while someone else is talking. Listen to others. Take care of materials. Take care of yourself. Appreciate our differences. Disagree respectfully.
    • Ask for help when you don't understand something. It is OK to ask for help!
    • Be a leader. Set an example for our school. Be a role model for others.
    • We all make mistakes. Admit your mistakes and learn from them.