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    August, 2017



    Dear PTO Presidents and Homeroom Parents,


    The Council Rock School District is committed to providing a rigorous academic program for students.  Additionally, the overall wellness of our students is of equal importance.  As a district, we must promote healthy eating habits, as good nutrition and exercise are critical to the wellness of students.


    For these reasons, and to accommodate the increasing number of students’ medical and food allergy needs, we are promoting a change regarding the three district approved elementary classroom parties.  We are requesting that no more than one sugary/low nutrition food item be offered at classroom parties and that all foods are nut-free.  Exposing students to healthier treats is a great step toward developing healthier habits.  The focus of classroom parties should continue to be on the social, celebratory aspect of the event rather than the food. 


    We thank our PTO Homeroom Parents for coordinating and providing these special events for our students.  We ask that all parents coordinate with Homeroom Parents before sending any items for class parties. 


    Your support of our children and promoting healthier eating habits is greatly appreciated.






    Barry J. Desko

    Director of K-12 Education



    August 2017
     Dear NES Parents, 
    The health and safety of every student at Newtown Elementary School is something we take very seriously. In the past few years, changes have occurred across the district as well as in our NES cafeteria.  Our cafeteria staff has added healthier choices to meet the United States Department of Agriculture Guidelines for healthy school lunches by including more fruit and vegetable choices as well as daily whole grain entrees. Our District Administration, in an effort to promote healthier eating habits, requests that no more than one sugary/low nutrition item be served at classroom parties. Administration also encourages the focus of parties to be on the social aspect and not the food.
    For these reasons, and to accommodate the increasing number of students’ medical and food allergy needs here at NES, we are introducing a school-wide celebration menu to which all students, families and staff will adhere.  Minor adjustments will be made per classroom based on the specific needs of the students in each classroom.  This menu is almost identical to the menu implemented last year with some modifications made based on parent feedback.  All classroom menus will be posted on teacher websites.  
    Please refer to the NES food policy guidelines below when planning to bring in a treat to share. 
    1. Only food items from the classroom menu will be permitted into the classroom to share. Items not on the menu will be sent home.  Check teacher site for menu. 2. The classroom menu will be used for all classroom celebrations including birthdays and holiday parties.    3. All foods must be store bought and include a label that states the item is peanut/tree nut free. 4. No homemade foods, donuts or bakery items are permitted due to risk of allergen contamination.
    We look forward to another healthy, happy and safe year with the students of NES.  I am confident you understand the importance of following these guidelines.  If you have any questions about food products, allergies or these expectations, please email me (kking@crsd.org ) or Mrs. Blumenthal (cblumenthal@crsd.org)
    Thank you again of your help and support!  
    Mr. King