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    Cousre Selection visual for Business Department
    Business Department Presentation
    One of the hardest things to understand when entering into a new building or grade is the course selection process. While it may seem a bit overwhelming at times.... it really isn't so difficult to understand our department guides for the classes offered by Business, Computers, and Information Technology Department....
    This way to success
    The link above is a great visual tool to better understand the course selection process overall. You will note that in 9th and 10th grades students will be limited to one alternate day elective (Alternate Day means every other day: Day 1 or Day 2) opposite their required class of PE (9th) and Health (10th) classes. Then in grades 11th and 12th their elective class options open up. for more choices...
    This means it is important to make sure your student selects electives that help them succeed. (Remember: 9th Grade is the first year colleges see on your transcript) You should be taking electives that add to your college admission profile...Also, you should be looking at the kinds of classes where students can learn academic skills and life-long learning habits that transfer directly into other curriculum areas while providing the foundation for future success. We offer a full range of these types of classes.