cap and diploma

    These SUGGESTIONS are only just that! Suggestions.... I found my personal high school experiences improved as I did these things.... This is NOT THE ONLY WAY to be successful in high school, but it was my method.....

    • What really mattered in high school too me was the opportunity to build friendships. Making connections was one of the most rewarding, and positive experiences I took from my high school experience. Making a few good friends and having a few great teachers is worth more than anything I was taught over the course of four years of high school I've experienced.
    • Joining the professional clubs (FBLA), student activities forums, and other larger group type of activities to expose yourself to the greatest variety of new people.
    • Be a part of the clubs, with the most people, and hang out with them in and out of school to increase your chances of meeting more people. Finding someone you know, having an instant study-buddy, or partnering with a familiar face in a class makes more valuable.
    • Choose classes by the teacher, not the subject! The best experiences I had was when I enjoyed taking the teacher, knew the teacher's style, attitudes, and expectations. This always made learning fun, easier, and gave me the confidence to stretch my wings.
    • Enjoy a bigger school rather than think you miss your smaller school... I have attended smaller-sized, medium-sized, and larger-sized schools. I found the increased population offers so many more opportunities than negatives....Being ready for a fast-paced, larger school because it is exactly what you can expect in college... So why not learn how to now?