We’ll provide

    We ask families provide

    Willy Wonka

    Jacket, hat and cane

    Dress shirt , black or khaki pants, dress shoes, bow tie or fun tie optional

    Charlie Bucket


    Jeans or khaki pants, mens old cardigan or  sweater vest, white shirt sneakers, jeff cap,

    Grandpa Joe


    Grandpa Joe


    White long sleeve shirt

    Sweater vest

    Khaki pants


    Mrs. Bucket


    House dress, apron, sweater, very worn looking

    Mr. Bucket


    Old work clothes, black or khaki pants, plaid or denim work shirt, jeff cap or factory hard hat

    Phineous Trout


    Suit of your choice, with tie

    Augustus Gloop


    Khaki shorts, short sleeve dress shirt, knee length socks white or black, suspenders (we will look for these too)

    Mrs. Gloop


    Longer skirt, vest, long sleeve white shirt, comfortable dress shoes, optional hat

    Mike Teavee

    Large headphones

    Old gameboy

    Tracksuit, or jeans or sweats and sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt - possibly with video game or tv characters on it

    Ms. Teavee


    Dress (more modern), or dress pants and dressy shirt, comfortable dress shoes, purse

    Violet Beauregarde

    Dress, blow up suit

    $20, White or Black stockings, black dress shoes

    Veruca Salt


    Anything fancy dress, comfortable flat dress shoes, stocking or leggings, pearls, dress, feathers, hair bow

    The Candy Man

    Jeff Cap/boater hat

    Plaid suit jacket, plain pants, bow tie, shirt. Or colorful suspenders

    Grandma Josephina


    Nightgowns, shawls

    Grandma Georgina


    Nightgowns, shawls

    Grandpa George

    mustache/baby powder

    Two piece flannel pjs

    Mrs. Beauregarde


    Dress, or dress pants and dressy shirt, comfortable dress shoes, purse

    Mr. Salt


    Suit, dress shirt, dress shoes, tie, hankerchief

    Oompa Loompa Ensemble

    Purple jumper, shoe cover with pom-pom, wigs

    $20 White long sleeve shirt, low-cut sneakers

    Candy Kids Ensemble

    Colorful t-shirts

    $20 & White long-sleeve shirt:

    some combination of the following: Earmuffs, scarves, sneakers

    Cooks/Squirrel Ensemble

    Cook cap,

    Squirrel ears


    $20 Long sleeve back shirt, black leggings or pants, sneakers

    Stage Crew

    Stage Crew t-shirt

    $10 and blank pants, sneakers