CRTV serves the Council Rock School District, which covers approximately seventy-two square miles, and reaches approximately 40,000 taxpayers.  Become a CRTV underwriter and place your message where everyone can see your commitment to the community.  Help make CRTV a positive force in our community, and reach your clients, employees, friends and neighbors throughout the region.


    Pre-Recorded Events, Slides and Announcements*


    Time of Day

    per :30
    second spot
    per :60
    second spot

    Monday through Sunday

    6:00 AM through 5:30 PM

    $ 2.00

    $ 2.50


    5:30 PM through 8:00 PM

    $ 2.50

    $ 3.00


    8:00 PM through 11:30 PM

    $ 3.50



    11:30 PM through 6:00 AM

    $ 1.50




    Live Events and Live Board Meetings*


    Time of Day

    per :30
    second spot
    per :60
    second spot

    Monday through Sunday

    When event occurs

    $ 6.00

    $ 10.00


    * - all underwriting spots are shown immediately prior to or after events or rebroadcasts.


    This rate sheet is effective as of 5/1/2008.  All underwriting spots must conform to Council Rock School District Board Policy 915.1, which is as follows:


    Permissible content:

    a.         Names of products or services.

    b.         Non-promotional, value neutral description of product and services.

    c.         Company location and number of years in business.

    d.         Telephone number, e-mail address or web site address.

    e.         Trademark slogans.

    f.          Light background music and appropriate sound effects.


    Non-permissible content:

    a.         Comparative or qualitative descriptions of products or services.

    b.         Superlatives (e.g. best or biggest).

    c.         Price references, even if the product is free.

    d.         Calls to action or inducements to buy.

    e.         Third party endorsements from newspaper, magazines, etc.


    No announcements from political organizations will be permitted.


    All spots will be developed by the CRTV staff and approved by the underwriter and the Superintendent of Schools and/or his designee.


    To become an underwriter, or for more information, contact Matthew Frederickson at 215-944-1092 or Jen Stretch at 215-944-1084.



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