• CRSD Transportation FAQ


    Q: My child is on the bus too long, what is the max time they can ride the bus?

    A: The state of Pennsylvania does not have a maximum time limit.  Council Rock has a School Board policy of 75 minutes in district and no time limit for out of district. 


    Q: I cannot see the bus stop from my house; can you move the stop closer?

    A: Visibility of the stop from the house or driveway is not a factor when choosing bus stop locations.


    Q: There is no sidewalk and/or streetlight at my child’s bus stop, can we move the stop to a safer location?

    A: Council Rock encompasses a large area with many housing developments, most of which do not have sidewalks or streetlights.  It would be impossible to route buses based on the existence of sidewalks and/or streetlights.


    Q: There is an intersection closer to my house than the bus stop.  Can my child get off there?

    A: Students are only permitted to get on and off the bus at their assigned stop location.  This is for safety purposes.  If you would like to request a new bus stop, please fill out and send in the Transportation Request Form.


    Q: Why is the stop for my child in elementary school different than my child in middle/high school?

    A: For the most part, buses for elementary schools are located within developments and off of the main road.  Middle schools and high schools have a larger sending area and the buses travel greater distances to pick up students, so we try to be more efficient and avoid routing the buses into neighborhoods.


    Q: At what age can my child walk home from the bus stop without an adult to receive them?

    A: Only kindergarten and first grade students need to be received by an adult.  Additionally, kindergarten and first grade children can walk home with older siblings.

    See below for the Pennsylvania DOE and CR School Board Policies regarding Transportation.


    PA Department of Education FAQ


    CRSD Transportation Board Policy