• Hillcrest Library FAQ



    Students visit the Library with their homeroom each week; ordinarily our book checkout limits are:

         K-1st graders may checkout 1 book per week

         2nd-3rd graders may checkout 2 books per week

         4th-6th graders may checkout 3 books per week

     However, due to Covid-19 during the 2020-2021 school year, all students will be limited to one book checkout.


    Additional books for classroom activities and research projects may be checked out.

    All books are checked out for one week. Students may renew books by bringing them back to the Library.

    We do not charge overdue fines. We do charge for lost books.

    Lost/Damaged Books:

    Can't find a book? We suggest you try looking at the places listed in this checklist!

    Still can't find the book? Please let us know and we will send home an invoice to cover the cost of the lost book.

    We are happy to refund the cost of the book if you find it later! Our preference is to get the book back.

    Occassionally books become damaged. We will do our best to attempt to repair the book at no charge to the Student. Minor tears, damage to the book spine or cover, etc. can usually be reparied.

    Books that are returned with siginficant damage will be billed to Students. Books that are soaked through, have food/drink spills, missing or destroyed pages, crayon or marker drawings, etc. cannot usually be repaired. Please let us know if you have questions.

    Unpaid Fines/Lost Book Charges:

    Unpaid fines (including for Chromebook damage and repair) will follow your Student account throughout your time in CRSD. Unpaid obligations can result in holds being placed on student records, student privileges and activities, including graduation from high school. Please do your best to clear fines accrued at the elementary level before leaving Hillcrest.


    Chromebook check out is managed by the library.  If you have issues with your chromebook you can contact https://crsdstudent.sherpadesk.com


    Please feel free to contact Librarian Noreen Moore (nmoore@crsd.org) or Library Assistant Colleen Gassmann (colleen.gassmann@crsd.org) at any time. The Library phone number is 215/944-1610.