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Mrs. McGowan

Meet Mrs. McGowan


Hello! I am very excited to meet you and to begin this school year! I believe we are going to have a fabulous time learning together.


Before school begins, I would like to tell you a little about myself...


1) I LOVE my family! I have a loving husband (we will be married 20 years on September 30th) and two awesome sons named Jack and Finn.  My husband is the Director of Technology for Wissahickon School District. My son Jack is 16 ½  years old and Finn is 13 ½ . They are my world and I love them so much!! (But boy, they sure keep me busy and on my toes!) Jack is a typical teenager and loves Xbox, especially Minecraft (like a lot of you I’m sure).  Jack is a great student and will be in 11th grade this year!  Finn is my lil’ man.  He is laid back and funny and loves to play football and basketball!  He also loves playing NBA2K19 and making Instastories (he’s not a shy guy).  He’s also a great student!  We can’t forget about our dog!  We have a Jack Russell named Murphy. He is a great dog and he’s my best bud!!                          


2) I LOVE learning! I went to Bloomsburg University for my Bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology and to LaSalle University for my Master's degree in Elementary & Special Education. We love Penn State because my neighbor is a middle linebacker on the football team!  I love helping my sons learn and grow and I will love watching you grow and learn too!  I consider myself a lifelong learner and am always looking for new things to learn. I especially love incorporating technology into our learning whenever I can.  I learn from my students every year.  What will you teach me this year?


3) I LOVE teaching! I always wanted to be a teacher.  I love kids!  This is my 21st year teaching and I have always been at SFE!  This will be my tenth year teaching fifth grade!  I’ve also taught second and kindergarten but have found my passion is being with the older kids. Teaching, for me, is the most fulfilling and rewarding job, and I love spending everyday with my students, helping them to succeed! :)  We have a lot of fun laughing and making learning fun! 


4) I LOVE reading! Reading, especially to my students is one of my favorite things to do. We will read lots of great books and learn to be a more critical thinker along the way.  It’s so important that you have at least 1 independent reading book with you EVERY day! 


5) I LOVE math & social studies! I love history because we learn about the world and different places and people.  I never used to like social studies when I was a kid, but I think I know how to make learning social studies fun for my students. :) Math is all around us! It is one the most important skills to learn!  Math is always hands-on and fun, even when it’s hard!  We do math stations sometimes and kids love doing different things during math! 


6) I LOVE the BEACH!! My favorite place to go is the beach.  I grew up in the summers there.  My mom lives in Cape May and we love to vacation in the OBX.   I love to feel the sand between my toes or relax and catch a nap!  We love to play family games on the beach too like Spikeball, cornhole, paddle ball and just toss a football.   I love taking long bike rides with my family at the beach, it gives us a chance to connect, exercise and unplug! The beach is a very special place for me, and a place my family and I go as often as possible.


7) I LOVE Sports!!  My whole life I’ve loved sports.  I grew up playing softball and baseball and played on a travel team like many of you.  I’ve been all over the country playing ball.  I also played volleyball.  I love to exercise and try to stay fit and eat healthy.  I also love watching football and basketball.  You will learn very quickly that I am one of the many passionate Philadelphia fans (if you haven’t heard already)!  We have season tickets to the Eagles and Sixers.   Playing sports has taught me many things in life about working hard and teamwork.  We will work as a team, help one another, and build each other up in our classroom to be the best we can be! 


Well, I hope that you have learned a few things about me. I can't wait to meet you and begin to learn about you!! 


You can find our supply list on the SFE website under 5th grade. 

See you very soon!


Love, Mrs. McGowan  


PS: Here are 5 more fun facts about me...


1) I LOVE chicken wings (especially garlic parmesan from Pineville Tavern)

2) Pink & all shades of blue are my favorite colors. (I also LOVE black)

3) My favorite season is summer and I bet you can guess why from reading above!

4) I love jewelry and fashion!   

5) I was the only girl on an all boys all-star baseball team when I was 8!


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