Homework Responsibilities for Team Allegiance Students
    A Council Rock student can expect to have homework assigned regularly. Our team will coordinate projects and tests to minimize work load.  On average students can anticipate an hour to an hour and a half of work daily. However, this could vary based upon the courses taken, and the work and study habits of each student. The major responsibility of the student is the completion of homework assignments within the specified time period and in the manner that represents the student’s best effort. Check all of your teachers' websites for homework assignments, long-term projects, and assessment dates. 
    Use the following to help you throughout the year: 
    • Use your assignment book to keep a written record of assignments for reference, especially since multiple assignments will be given nightly.  This will also help you to improve your time management skills.
    • Seek additional help from your teacher, as soon as possible, if an assignment cannot be completed due to lack of understanding of the concepts or skills involved.  Resource/Activity Period and/or Clinic can be used.

    • Expect that a portion of your grade will be based upon the completion and/or accuracy of completed homework.

    • Understand that even if a nightly assignment is not made, opportunity should be taken to work on long-term projects, study material already learned, prepare for future assessments, and/or read independently in an area of interest.
    • Realize that the completion of homework is an important key to your success.  Homework should be completed regularly, promptly, and without close supervision. 
    • Take ownership of any work you miss when absent from class.  It is YOUR responsibility to make arrangements with your teachers to find out what you missed.  Check each teacher's website as a first step.  You must complete the work missed and submit it to your teacher within the allotted time frame to receive credit.