• Bridges

    Here is a family link for you to view and read about the Bridges math program.  I will also be sending home a family connection newsletter before each unit so you are aware of the concepts and vocabulary that will be covered. 

    In kindergarten math, your child will:

    • count objects and tell how many there are
    • write numerals 0-20
    • compare numbers or sets of objects to tell which has more or less
    • add & subtract quickly and easily to 5
    • add & subtract within 10 using objects, fingers, drawings, numbers, or equations
    • solve addition and subtraction story problems
    • understand that teen numbers are 10 and some more
    • identify and describe shapes  2D and 3D
    • understand length and weight as something that can be measured

    Here is a link to the Family Connections in bridges.  There are games and apps to play and also Unit information. 

    Preparing for On-Line Learning at home from the Bridges Educators. There is a letter and then in the margin to the right is the Kindergarten Curriculum.  

    I will be posting information regarding math lessons and workbook pages on Google Classroom.  There are now online workplaces that you and your child can play just like we would in school.   These games are a large part of this program.  I will send a link via Google Classroom listed in our Workplace folder on Googl Classroom. 

    Bridges Digital Learning    


    Family Bridges Connection