• Dear Future First Grader:


    Welcome to first grade at Goodnoe Elementary School! We hope that you are as excited as we are about the coming school year. We have all sorts of fun and interesting activities planned.


    You must be wondering about some of the things you will need to start the next school year (2021-2022).  Following is a list of necessary items for all teachers.



    • 2 bottom pocket folders 1 BLUE AND 1 RED (solid hard plastic because they last longer) PLEASE LABEL WITH CHILD'S FIRST AND LAST NAME

    • Headphones in a labeled Ziploc bag (you can find them at the Dollar Store) Please NO ear buds!

    • 1 marble composition book (wide-ruled if possible)

    • 1 large pencil box (enough to hold the supplies below) PLEASE LABEL WITH CHILD'S FIRST AND LAST NAME

    • 1 pair of kid's scissors 

    • 2 boxes of crayons (no larger than 24 crayons in each box)

    • 24 sharpened pencils (non-decorative, plain, #2, yellow - Ticonderoga preferred)

    • 4-6 Expo black fine point dry erase markers (low odor please!)

    • 4 glue sticks

    • 2 erasers (pink or white)

    • 1 box of tissues

    • 1 container of antibacterial/disinfecting wipes (not baby wipes)

    • 1 pump bottle of hand sanitizer 


                       Additional Information

     Each child will need a small, peanut/nut free healthy snack each day. This snack can be packed in the lunch box or packed separately from lunch. Lunch may be purchased in our cafeteria, or packed from home. Please be mindful that our classrooms are peanut/nut safe. 

    We look forward to meeting you!



    First Grade Teachers